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Jersey Caramel Cookies
  • Time: 30 mins
  • Complexity: very easy

Jersey Caramel Cookies

I must confess, caramel is one of my favourite flavours when it comes to baking and desserts. Put caramel in the description and half of myself is already consumed with lust. So as I perused the candy aisle at the supermarket when I was trying to figure out what to put into my basic chewy white cookie base, and a packet of big Jersey Caramel's caught my eye, I knew the decision had been made.

These cookies are the epitome of oozy caramel delights! Don't worry if they go a little caramel 'splat' when they come out of the oven, just leave them on a tray and the escaped caramel will cool enough for you to eat while still warm and chewy, or leave it to harden and you have crunchy caramel - the kind that gets stuck in your teeth, yum!