Recipes starting with N

Nutty Fruit Loaf
  • Time: 3hrs 45 mins (Depending on Breadmaker)
  • Complexity: very easy

Nutty Fruit Loaf

Okay, so yes you can always make bread by hand, but when you have a breadmaker... it is just so damn easy!! And it's always nice to have new recipes to try in the breadmaker, so I give you my Nutty Fruit Loaf! 

If you like sweet breads, hot cross buns, or the smell of warm spices wafting through the house, this is the loaf for you. 

Nutella Marshmellow Rice Krispie Cookies
  • Time: 1 hr 15 mins (includes 30 mins of refrigerating time!)
  • Complexity: easy

Nutella Marshmellow Rice Krispie Cookies

A gooey, sticky and delectable treat! I was inspired by the idea of combining nutella with marshmellow, and the addition of Rice Krispies seemed a natural fit!

This recipe is my first attempt, but I think pretty successful. The cookies are gooey, kind of chewy, have a slight Krispie crunch and the delish flavour of nutella.

I used wholemeal (whole wheat) flour, but I might try a batch with white flour next time.