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Tan Slice (Caramel Crumb Bars)
  • Time: 1 hour (plus cooling time)
  • Complexity: medium

Tan Slice (Caramel Crumb Bars)

It's a kiwi classic, a close relative of caramel slice and one of my personal favourites from the bakery cabinet. Up until recently, I didn't actually realise the name Tan Slice is a New Zealand thing and for some of you out there, you may know it by another name such as Caramel Crumb Bars. Regardless, this slice is simply divine! 

I have quite the penchant for anything caramel, so while I have provided the traditional Tan Slice recipe, I would recommend doubling the quantity (or one and a half if you're not quite that daring!) of Caramel Filling to replicate that ridiculously thick layer that is sickeningly satisfying!