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Vege Bean Chili
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Complexity: easy

Vege Bean Chili

I've said it numerous times, I love beans and I love chili, so for me an all-vegetarian bean chili is an excellent choice for a chilly winters night when you want something warm, hearty and comforting! I used a combination of black beans and black eyed beans, but you could change that up if you wanted to. I have also used a four-bean combo (Black beans, Black eyed beans, Red kidney beans & Pinto beans) and it is equally as good! 

This chili has a real 'meaty' texture about it, but not in an off-putting for vegetarians kind of way, more like it will have appeal to the meat-eaters of the family too! It's also excellent to use in a variety of other recipes such as my Big Bean Burrito or as a filling for stuffed vegetables. Get creative!