Big Bean Burrito
  • Time: 20 minutes
  • Complexity: very easy

Big Bean Burrito

We are very much a mexican household and being a semi-vegetarian, beans are a frequent feature in my version of mexican meals with the humble burrito a classic example. This is one of those dishes I eat regularly for lunch and very rarely tire of!

You can also serve it up for dinner and let everyone help themselves by putting everything in bowls rather than preparing the burrito to plate - a fun, family-friendly way of eating together. Also, if you're anything like me (as the pictures demonstrate) you'll want to cram as much in as possible, and most likely you might struggle to roll this bad boy up! It's not called my Big Bean Burrito for no reason! 

Check out the accompanying recipes including my guacamole, homemade whole-wheat tortilla's (they are surprisingly easy to whip up!), and my vege bean chili. 

Vege Bean Chili
  • Time: 3 hours
  • Complexity: easy

Vege Bean Chili

I've said it numerous times, I love beans and I love chili, so for me an all-vegetarian bean chili is an excellent choice for a chilly winters night when you want something warm, hearty and comforting! I used a combination of black beans and black eyed beans, but you could change that up if you wanted to. I have also used a four-bean combo (Black beans, Black eyed beans, Red kidney beans & Pinto beans) and it is equally as good! 

This chili has a real 'meaty' texture about it, but not in an off-putting for vegetarians kind of way, more like it will have appeal to the meat-eaters of the family too! It's also excellent to use in a variety of other recipes such as my Big Bean Burrito or as a filling for stuffed vegetables. Get creative!