Anko Red Bean Paste
  • Time: 1 hour (plus overnight or half a day of soaking time)
  • Complexity: very easy

Anko Red Bean Paste

  1. Anko is the Japanese name for Red Bean Paste, the popular sweet bean paste is originally from China and is made using Adzuki (also referred to as Azuki) beans. The paste is commonly used in confectionery and is a great filling for a number of treats suchDaifukumochi (filled rice cakes), Dorayaki (red bean pancake), Yùe Bĭng (mooncakes) and Red Bean Buns

I love beans and I love sweets, so it should be no surprise that I love Anko too. This definitely is a sweet though and you may want to adjust the sugar in this recipe to suit your tastes.

There are also two variations of Anko - a smooth paste, most commonly used in confectionary in Japan (Koshian), and a non-sieved version that has a little more texture (Tsubushian).