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Who am I? That's a fairly difficult question to answer; I could give you the debrief of where I grew up (New Zealand), my favourite time of year (Christmas), and what I have for breakfast every morning (porridge with soy milk and the biggest over-ripe banana I can find), but in its simplest form... I am Shannon Clayton, aka Shaz; a newlywed, a Canadian-born 'Kiwi' recently relocated back to NZ after a stint in Australia, a dreamer and ever-optimist. I started this website because I felt like I had something to share, and not just recipes and my love of heels (though both elements are very worthy of their presence on my site), but something more than that... a story. 

I have been an avid writer and reader since as early as I can remember. Growing up, I have memories of trying to write stories in the back seat of the car, though like most things that were constructive or provided any sort of value in my life, my dedication was sided during my teenage years - I was the epitome of 'emotional, angry at the world, teenage girl'.

It wasn't until after I finished university and began the long process of the job hunt, having graduated right at the peak of the recession, that I rediscovered my passion for writing. My dedication was further challenged as I entered the workforce picking up a job as a Project Manager - working mainly on software projects like websites, and became fully immersed into the corporate world. Without wanting to sound melodramatic, this step was not just a step towards a new career, it was a step towards a new life altogether.

Meetings filled with Executives who cuss more than Gordon Ramsay, complicated five-letter acronyms that I'm still positive half of the room didn't know the meaning of, and business jargon that is as hard to follow as the plotline of Lost, it was crazy, it was hard, it was busy, but I loved it.

After several stints in various organisations and also parts of the world, a wealth of experience I'd never dreamt possible, a gorgeous boy who I have gone on to marry, I finally managed to commit some time to my passion for writing and completed my debut novel.  

You hear so often people say "I could write a novel" and I am definitely guilty of uttering such words, and truth be told it has been a lot harder than I thought! One of the good pieces of advice I read when scrolling through numerous columns and blogs on 'starting your first book' was write what you know. Inevitably, my book is right in the heart of chick lit and what I hope to achieve is an enjoyable story and just a genuine good read, that is funny, sweet and entertaining - much like my baking.

I'm not out of the workforce yet, though writing is my passion. I started this website to share my own journey, as I try to publish my book and conquer my aspirations of hitting New York Times best-sellers list. Is it a dream? Is it a goal? It's a story of a journey... and I hope you join me for the ride!   

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