Kimono Wine Covers

These gorgeous Kimono wine covers were made for my wedding, and are just so cute that I had to share them! After looking online for a while, I eventually decided it was going to be easier to make them myself to get exactly the kind of fabric and look that I wanted - and they turned out perfectly! 

  • Stencil for Back of Kimono


    First things first, you'll need to make a pattern/stencil to use to cut out your Kimono fabric - makes it a lot easier! So draw one up out of a piece of heavy card. You'll need a 'back' (as shown in image) and 'front' (shown in step 2). The measurements provided will fit a standard bottle of wine and you can see the end result to decide whether you want to adjust the sizing at all!

    Once you have the stencil drawn up, you can place it on your fabric - now with the stencil I have provided, you will need to fold the fabric in half and place the stencil on the fold line. Alternatively you can make a full stencil up and then you don't have to worry about fold lines at all!

  • Stencil for Front of Kimono


    As per the back stencil, the front stencil needs to be placed on a fold line too, otherwise you will need to cut out two pieces - just make sure you flip the stencil over in between so that you get a 'Left Front' and 'Right Front', and not two of the same!!

  • Cutting for the Front


    Once you've cut out the front, you can cut down the middle, where the foldline is to provide you with the two front parts.

  • Back Ribbon

    Next grab the back of the Kimono and some ribbon of your choice. Using a hot glue gun, put a line of glue on the end of either sleeve and stick the ribbon over the top.
    You will also need to put a line of glue on the 'collar' of the kimono and stick some ribbon onto this bit too. Cut your ribbon to match the shape/dimensions, but don't be too picky because you can tidy it up afterwards!
  • Ribbon for Front


    After the back, you need to glue the ribbon onto the front pieces of the Kimono. Lay them out side by side with the ribbon and then do them one by one. You'll need a line of glue on the end of either sleeve, and then you want to follow the front lines down the middle.
  • Felt for Back

    To provide some extra stability in the wee Kimono's, I like to glue a piece of felt on the inside. I use coloured felt that matches the Kimono's but you don't really see it unless you're taking it off the bottle, so it doesn't really matter! 

    Cut a rectangular piece, about 9.5 inches long or 24.5cm and with a width of 1.75 inches or 4.5cm.
  • Step Seven

    KimonoWineCover07Put some glue along the edges of half of it, stick it into place and then glue the other half down.

  • Glueing on the Front Right

    Now you're ready to stick the whole thing together! Begin by sticking the Front Right to the Back. 
    You'll want a line of glue along the top of the sleeve, stick this down first and then do a line of glue on the bottom of the sleeve - make sure you don't close up the little arm holes.
  • Glueing the sides of Front Right


    Then follow the edge of the fabric down to the bottom to join up the sides of the Kimono.
  • Repeat for Front Left


    And you've probably guessed by now, do exactly the same for the other side! And glue Front Left onto the Back as well.
  • Glue down the middle


    After this, you want to put a small amount of glue about half way down the kimono along the line of ribbon, and glue down the Right Front onto the Left Front so the Right Front overlaps slightly.
  • Finishing Ribbon


    Wait for the middle glue to dry a little, then place a tiny bit of glue in the middle of the ribbon on the front and grab a long piece of ribbon sticking it in place right in the middle. Pop it on the wine bottle after this. You can then wrap the ribbon back around the bottle and around to the front again, tie a bow and glue another bit of glue in the same spot to secure the bow in place.
    And voila! It should now be looking something like this!

  • Monday, 28 January 2013

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