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Lucy Folk - Pizza Launch Party

Fancy fun, quirky, food-inspired jewellery that looks so delish you might find yourself nibbling at your necklace mid-afternoon? Then if you aren't already familiar with Australian designer Lucy Folk, you are going to be in foodie heaven with her range of we-wish-they-really-were-edible pieces, and what better way to acquaint yourself then by checking out her latest collection, appropriately dubbed... Pizza!

Having grown up with a passion for food, Lucy's childhood paved the way for her foodie-fashion today, creating her first pasta necklace in kindergarten. After graduating from Melbourne's RMIT University majoring in Gold and Silversmithing and gaining some valuable industry experience, Folk developed the beginnings of the pieces you see in her range today. Taking food motifs, classical snacks, and delish delights, Folk transforms these concepts by using fine metals such as yellow and rose gold, sterling silver and brass. Using food as an inspiration rather than replicating food in the jewellery world, Folk creates fashionable pieces that steer clear of being comical and gaudy.

Her popularity can be seen through celebrities donning pieces from her range and the opening of her first flagship store in Melbourne, in October, 2011.

Lucy's latest collection, Pizza, gives a nod to not just the pizza as a whole, but select ingredients and characteristics that contribute to the fast food favourite. Take a look at the Pepperoni Earrings, the Stuffed Crust Bracelet, and the surprisingly chic, Anchovy Ring - even you anchovy-haters out there will likely lust after these!

Lucy Folk - Pepperoni EarringsLucy Folk - Stuffed Crust Pizza BraceletLucy Folk - Anchovy Rings

To check out the Pizza collection and full range from Lucy Folk, visit the online store on her website.


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