MelbGirl Article: Shaz’s Shoebox – Taylor Says

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MelbGirl Article: Shaz’s Shoebox – Taylor Says

Shoes are a passion, a love, a best friend. They aren't just a fleeting glance in a shopping mall, or a three week crush that you eventually get bored with, they are a full blown relationship that require attention and dedication.

Needless to say, shoes share a special place close to my heart and as such, I thought it vastly appropriate that my first blog post up on Melbourne Girl should illustrate this love as I try to establish myself as one of Melbourne Girl's resident shoe girls.

Introducing... Shaz's Shoebox – a series of blog posts that will aim to introduce you to some fabulous new shoes and convert your shoe flirting into a truly, madly, deeply eternal love affair.


Taylor Says

Taylor Says is a fairly new on the scene shoe brand, so the range is still fairly limited but what there is of it, is rock-girl meets party-princess. The name is taken from the brand's creator – Taylor Reeve, who describes herself as a "crazy blondie from Southern California" and has set out to create a line of high heels that are about individuality, "having fun, expressing yourself and living it up!".

This American chick has worked for Quicksilver and Skullcandy in the past, so it's no surprise that the heels feature an edge of attitude and are definitely, in the words of our beloved Tyra, 'fierce'. Think vivid colours, funky fun detailing, and the highlight in my books – the amazing uniquely designed printed sole. Okay, so she's not the first person to ever throw a picture onto the sole of a heel before, but the detail of the designs combined with the vibrant colours really creates a special look.

Taylor Says - FierceFor her full collection, check out her website at:

But just to give you a wee taster of a couple pairs I particularly fancy, I present the 'Brossie' and the 'Fierce' (this one seemed very appropriate). Oh and did I mention they do free worldwide delivery on the website... just a thought.










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