MelbGirl Article: SJP’s shoes up for auction

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MelbGirl Article: SJP’s shoes up for auction

Ever dreamt of walking in Carrie Bradshaw's shoes? Well I hope you're sitting down for this one, because now you can! That's right, Sarah Jessica Parker, the Sex and the City fashionista, renowned for sporting an array of dazzling heels throughout the popular TV series, has donated several pairs to a charity auction.

The auction is sponsored by Gotta Have Rock and Roll and all of the proceeds will benefit the LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and the Performing Arts.

So what exactly is up for grabs? It seems the most popular pair is the Jonathan Kelsey silver cage heeled sandals – these aren't just pre-loved and worn by SJP herself, but they are also signed on the sole by the style queen, so even if you can't squeeze your tootsies into the size 37 (US 6.5) gems, then don't despair as they are just as fabulous on the mantle piece where they can be admired, and of course mentioned to the odd house guest: "Oh these? Yes they were just a present from Sarah Jessica, such a doll that girl!" And if your guest is looking dubious, you can whip out the hand-written note from SJP which accompanies the shoes!

Check out the JK sandal auction here!

If those aren't your style, then perhaps the brown leather Prada platforms might be more your cup of tea, or if you prefer something simple try the Dolce Vita black leather pumps – these last ones are a bit plain-jane for my liking, but the bragging rights are still worthy.

Dolce Vita - Black Leather PumpsPrada - Brown Leather Platforms

Not a SATC fan? Not to worry as there are a few other options which might warrant a peek. My eyes were drawn to the Leopard print Miu Miu thigh-high boots, worn by Madonna during her 2012 Superbowl appearance. Yes I know... ah-maze-ing, and I'm sure the bids and final sale price will reflect that... There's also a fab pair of leather lined, black thigh-high Manolo Blahnik's gifted from the fabulous Elle Macpherson. Perhaps you've realised I have a slight fetish for thigh-high numbers...

Finally for the girls, and as much as I have been in the pro-Britney camp over the past few years, there are a hideous pair of sandals from Ms. Spears – at least the similar pair from Lisa Kudrow have some comic value.

And I couldn't finish this without mentioning just a couple for the boys; he's no Michael Jordan, but there are a pair of sneakers signed by Shaquille O'Neal, though you might struggle to fit these custom-made size 22′s. Besides, way cooler than that are a pair of Verde brown leather boots from none other than the 'King of Rock and Roll' himself... that's right folks, Mr Elvis Presley!

Good thing dreams are free because unless you're prepared to dip deep in that wallet of yours, it's unlikely these will be getting a spot on the mantle piece any time soon.





Image Source: Gotta Have Rock and Roll

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