Together, we are.

on Thursday, 28 March 2013. Posted in Poetry

Together, we are.

I originally started writing this poem when I was thinking about our wedding and in particular, our vows but it quickly evolved into something that I didn't think was quite right for my vows so I used this in my speech at our wedding reception instead. 

This is cute and fun, but from the heart too. 





Together, we are.

You're my milk and cookies, when I'm reading a good book,
You're the song on the radio, that always gets me hooked.

You're the rain on the roof, when I'm curled up in bed,
You're the stories and the dreams, that float through my head.

You're the fire in the hearth, on a cold winter's night,
You're the comforting hug, when I get a nasty fright.

You're the maple syrup on my pancakes, the icing on my cake,
The sprinkles on my ice cream, chocolate chip cookies freshly baked.

You're the cherry in my cocktail, the shoulder when I cry,
You're the smartest guy I know, and sweeter than homemade apple pie.

You're the first fallen snowflake, that lands on my nose,
You're the Christmas lights that twinkle, the carols and the prose.

You're my lantern in the dark, when all the lights are out,
You're the lighthouse on the rocks, the assurance to my doubt.

You're the smell of fresh baked bread, and cinnamon hot cross buns,
You're my popcorn at the movies, and my Friends episode re-runs.

You're the steak to my tofu, the bacon to my beans,
You are my unicorn, the encourager of my dreams.

You're the butterflies in my stomach, the heartbeat in my chest,
You're the marshmallows in my hot chocolate, words of reason when I'm stressed.

You're my sakura cherry blossom, my frozen yoghurt treat,
You're my favourite pair of heels, you're everything that's sweet.

You're the wind in my sails, the match for my flame,
And I know that you love me, in every single possible way.

You are my comforting Sunday roast, even though I don't like meat,
You're the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle, that makes me complete.

Together, we are yin and yang, we are green eggs and ham,
We are peanut butter and jam.

But mostly, you are mine, as I am yours,
And today I am happy, as together, we open new doors.
Together we are we, together we will be.

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