Four of a Kind

on Saturday, 03 May 2014. Posted in Teasers and Tasters

Four of a Kind-Shannon Clayton-Cover-3D-March 2014 CropIt took a lot of time and effort, and hopefully you have followed me on the journey so far on Writing in Heels, with my debut novel 'Four of a Kind' now available for purchase!

So pour yourself a cup of tea, grab a couple cookies and snuggle into the couch I give you a little taster of my fun and fabulous novel, and let you know where you can get your hot little hands on it for your own bookshelf!






Four of a Kind

Have you ever had one of those days where everything that could go wrong does?

Deborah Hayes is dealt that exact hand when disaster strikes at an event she's managing, giving her publicity for all the wrong reasons, not to mention breaking up with her English boyfriend. And the trouble doesn't just end there, but when Deborah starts to investigate she can't help but feel like the universe was trying to warn her.

Determined not to miss any future 'signs' and desperate to attract some good luck, she embarks on a journey of divination, dipping her toes into all sorts of spiritual disciplines, Feng Shui, Palm Reading, Tarot Cards...
After scoring an amazing account at work, things look to be on the up, particularly after meeting her gorgeous Irish neighbour. But sometimes the signs are harder to read than we think, and when the latest up and coming sexy Scottish movie star, and a cute Kiwi guy, both take a shine to her, she's even more desperate for guidance to help her choose.

Bordering on obsession, Deborah gets caught up in asking questions, looking for signs, and searching for hidden meanings and clues.

Can she make the right choice or is she looking for something that has been right in front of her all along?


Find a Copy!

By now I am sure you are just dying to read it, so to tempt you just a little more you can get an additional sneap peek of the first chapter on Amazon! Click here to take a look!

Four of a Kind is available on most leading bookstore websites as both paperback and ebook editions. Grab your copy at: 


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