Fashvolution - Couples Style

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Fashvolution - Couples Style

Evolution. What is it? Is it merely adapting to one's surroundings? Changing to better fit in with the environment you inhabit? If this is the case, then what do we mean by fashion evolution... Fashvolution? Does this begin to explain why, as we become more comfortable in our relationship, we morph and change based on stimulants from our partners... Get your mind out of the gutter! I mean fashion stimulants!

Where am I going with this? Well we have seen the trend in Hollywood - "couples style", so does this then apply to our own individual Fashvolution?

Darwin's Evolutionary Theories

Okay... so Darwin probably isn't the biggest style icon history has ever seen, but he does propose some interesting theories that we can use to dissect our own fashion journey in life.

Natural Selection

Without diving into a full on lesson on Darwin's evolution theories, we do need to delve a little into the detail, but allow me to summarise the important points here... Natural Selection is all about the development of advantageous mutations whereby a species may functionally adapt and then pass this onto their offspring. Okay, so the words 'mutation' and 'fashion' don't particularly swing that well together, but think about it this way: Your boyfriend wears a leather jacket that you absolutely adore and he always gets loads of compliments wearing it. Next thing you know, you're out 'browsing', spot a leather jacket and you think to yourself "oh I'll just see what it looks like on...". So it doesn't perfectly fit in with Darwin's theory, though one can argue leather jackets are advantageous in particular conditions! It still provides an interesting basis for us to work with... perhaps like genetics, fashion can be passed on, and in this situation, from one partner to another.

Slow and Steady

This part of Darwin's theory was all about taking small, miniscule steps rather than great leaps, and this is another theory we can latch on to pretty easy for our own Fashvolution theory. When you get into a relationship, your style doesn't shift overnight. In fact... the shift is almost so subtle you don't even realise it has happened until an outsider makes an observation. Let's take another example. Having had a semi emo/goth/punk/moody teenager stage during my adolescent years, I have always had a substantial portion of black in my wardrobe. However, since being with my man, my wardrobe has seen the inclusion of colour. Now of course, part of this may be due to my own sudden quest to get colour in my wardrobe (I am refusing to drown in the black that dominates NZ fashion), but there is undoubtedly a subtle shift that can be attributed to him. Whether it's a direct influence whereby he suggests I try on/buy something more colourful, or I am simply responding to his preference to see me wearing fab over drab, it has been a slow and steady shift in my Fashvolution.

Shaz's Fashvolution Theories

Fashion Morphing

That's all I've really got for Darwin, but the whole concept of Fashvolution - Couples Style is very intriguing. Is it a simple case of personality, i.e. you tend to be in a relationship with someone who has a similar personality to your own, therefore it would seem more than likely that you would share perspectives on fashion. This however, doesn't explain the likes of Brad Pitt who has Fashion Morphed depending on the relationship he's been in; classic masculine with Gwynnie, preppy suave with Jen, and sexy edgy bad boy with Ange.

The Gender Dilemma

Maybe it's a guy thing... maybe men are more likely to be swayed by a fashion-focused female. Of course this argument falls fairly flat when we take into account Kimye, whereby there is no doubt that Kim Kardashian's wardrobe has seen a serious influence from her fashion-loving fella, Kanye West. Ah ha! Does this mean The Gender Dilemma is null and void in the case of a male who is equally seduced by the sights and sounds of NYC Fashion Week.

Me Versus We

We could continue to analyse, but really the answer is quite simple; we want to look good for our partners and thus it makes perfect sense that as our relationship cements, our fashion choices become less of a 'me' and more of a 'we'. I know that I constantly ask my man's opinion on potential purchases, almost as if I am seeking his approval. In fact, I have often talked myself out of something if he doesn't like it. Now there are exceptions to the rule, for example in the colder season, I bought a big black faux fur coat, I called it my 'slaughtered muppet', and it was definitely not a favourite of the hubby's! But you know what... I still ultimately wear the pants (or the slaughtered muppet in this case ;) ) when it comes to my fashion.

Fashvolution - Couples Style isn't about losing your fashion self, it's about understanding a natural progression is likely to take place. Just as you wouldn't want to wear the same dress as your bestie to friends birthday party, it's natural that you want to look coordinated with your partner. Fashion is often about expressing yourself. Fashvolution: Couples Style is a way of expressing a togetherness, because surely couples that dress together stay together! 

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