Home Is Where The Heart Is - Chalk and Cheese

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Home Is Where The Heart Is - Chalk and Cheese

I am a lover of fashion... which I'm sure is not an astonishing confession, but to the disgrace of my teenage self, my fashion fondness has begun to extend beyond the standard apparel of the wardrobe. Yep, that's right, I am totally captivated by homeware, interior design and decor that my husband (and most males I would care to wager) thinks is stupid and on the verge of 'clutter'. 

So in order to cater to my new found friendship, I have dedicated this category to cute homewares I simply must gush about to someone who is more likely to care than my man!

My recent interest in homewares actually goes beyond appreciating a cute picture online or kitchen decor in a giftware store. Admittedly, I have even begun to not just watch, but enjoy, home and lifestyle TV shows - right about now I can hear my mother saying "I told you so".

But I think that is enough confessions for one post, so let's get into things with the first feature in the Home Is Where The Heart Is category... Chalk and Cheese!


Go a little kooky with this oh-so-adorable Blackboard Mug from Etsy Store - Chalklovesyou for $14.38 (AU), or have fun with labels and make them pretty at the same time with these cute Heart Blackboard Tags with String from French Knot Designs ($5.95 [AU] per set of ten). Go a bit more traditional with the classic framed blackboard - loving the vintage style frame and you can choose whatever colour you want! (Yes pink is available hehehe!) This one is only $29.40 (AU) from Etsy Store - TheSmilinBride. And finally there are these fun little Mini Blackboard Clips from Etsy Store - Harvard5f, for $10.98 (AU) for a set of ten.

Blackboard Mug Heart Blackboard Tags with String

Decorative ChalkboardMini Blackboard Clip Set of 10


The yin to the chalk's yang, Cheese has its place in home decor and even if you're not a big eater of it, like me! Try out a print like this cutesy Cheese and Maccaroni one that will no doubt please your inner child - available from Etsy Store - RockCandieDesigns for $8.88 (AU). Or if you want to keep it classy, this french-inspired design is available from Etsy Store - GeraldineAdams, for $35.50 (AU). Carry on with the french theme and provide some much needed signage for your next cheese platter with a set of Bird Cheese Markers from Beehive Kitchenware - a box of four will cost you $58 (AU).  

You're the Cheese to my Macaroni Wall ArtFrench Cheeses Kitchen Wall Art

Bird Cheese Markers



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