Sense of Beauty - Freckled Felines

on Thursday, 26 September 2013. Posted in Passion for Fashion, Sense of Beauty

Sense of Beauty - Freckled Felines

It's time for another edition of Sense of Beauty and this time around we are showcasing a fabulously fierce feature that can often be a point of ridicule as kiddies... there are so many traits that fit this description, but today it's all about Freckles!

Most of us have at least a couple, but what about those people who have a lot, with looks that are almost defined by their freckles. Yep our freckly friends deserve some time in the spotlight where all of us can appreciate their Sense of Beauty!

Freckles seem to follow the same relationship pattern we share with our parents. As kids, we love and embrace them, then as we hit the teenage years we are determined they are simply unnecessary and the crux to our very existence. By the time our twenties roll around we're back on side, accepted them and while we still encounter the odd disposition, we wouldn't change things for the world.

So why is it that age seems to be the answer to embracing the freckle feature? Although I only have a couple of fairly discreet freckles, I think it's because it's a minority beauty characteristic and my observation is that almost any characteristic we possess that is uncommon, is often unwanted. It's simply the case of going against the norm.

But you don't have to look far to see some examples of freckles in all their freckly glory! Dove featured an advertising campaign quite a while ago now(check it out below!), and then there are celebrity examples such as the gorgeous Sienna Miller, Emma Stone and Rachel Bilson who have that adorable cutesy splatter across the cheeks and nose. And it's not just a sprinkle that we need to acknowledge in this Sense of Beauty, it's the 'more spots than not' lot too! Because when it comes to freckles, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes... and quantities!


Sienna MillerEmma StoneRachel Bilson


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