Style Snapshot - Boyfriend Jeans

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Style Snapshot - Boyfriend Jeans

They seem to pop up every season nowadays and their popularity is as divided as Jacob and Edward Twihards, but this time around the Boyfriend Jean looks like it is winning over a larger audience of the fashion community.

Which side of the fence am I on? To be honest, I've never been a big fan of this particular style as I think the silhouette can be pretty hard to work and very dependent on body shape, but with its growing popularity there appears to be a greater range on offer. Maybe there might just be one I like after all, nestled amongst this Style Snapshot! 

Okay, guilty as charged.. there are actually several that I like within this Style Snapshot segment! But... yep, you knew there was a 'but' coming, I still don't think this is a look anyone can pull off, unfortunately there are some shapes that just won't suit this slouchy style. In saying that, I have come up with a few rules which I think can help make this a more workable, fashion-savvy addition to the wardrobe. 

Go For A Distressed/Ripped/Detailed Pair

The biggest problem I've found (completely speculative and an observation of others, as I've never actually tried on a pair), is that the baggyness of the style can often look a bit dowdy and just ill-fitting, rather than intentional. If you pick a pair that has some detailing like a distressed finish and rips, then the style is much more defined and it doesn't look like you've dropped back into the 90's. You'll notice most of the jeans I've included below have some sort of detail!

Keep Rollin', Rollin', Rollin', Rollin, Nookie!

I've seen a few new boyfriend jeans in the mix that are cropped off at the ankle instead of the more traditional 'roll-up' cuff. Personal opinion, but I think stick to the traditional, as like above, the style can be a little undefined when you start going too far away from the base. The only time you might get away with a crop is if you are rocking some high-top wedge sneakers that cover up the crop, like the Missguided - Dylan Ripped Boyfriend Jeans In Black. 

Choose Your Shoes

Another subtrend appearing alongside the emergence of the boyfriend jean is matching up your denim digs with sandals. How do you choose your shoes? Pick strappy sandals and avoid anything too chunky. You want to bring some femininity back to the look so a strappy stiletto is going to be much more chic than a chunky wedge sandal! It's a look I'm sure I've seen SJP rock back in her Carrie Bradshaw days. A sneaker will work as well, but just make sure you don't go too grundgy on top otherwise you might be channeling a little too much boyfriend and not enough girlfriend!  

My pick from below? I'd go for the ASOS - Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Distressed Spot Print, because it's still girly but has the perfect amount of slouch, rips and boyfriend...ness!

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