Style Snapshot - The Overall Look

on Friday, 19 July 2013. Posted in Passion for Fashion, Style Snapshot

Style Snapshot - The Overall Look

Is it a plane? Is it a bird? No and no. And wait a second... it's not Superman either, but like our beloved lyrcra-underwear-on-the-outside-of-his-pants hero, this Style Snapshot is also a blast from the past! That's right, it seems the surge of 90's fashion has continued and another trusty wardrobe staple that we thought we had left behind with our Mickey Mouse t-shirts, has resurfaced in time for Spring/Summer 2014.

It appears to be looking like quite the wide-spread trend, so what's in store for you and are you ready to dabble with the dungarees once more! 

Suspicious? You have every right to be. The last memory I have of overalls is when I was about nine years old at Disneyland and alongside my denim overall shorts, I donned one of those god awful "bum bags" - let us pray that these don't somehow make a simultaneous resurgence... Nonetheless, with just a brief scout around, it already seems your options are quite varied so it might actually be possible to find a place in your wardrobe for a pair, regardless of your individual style. 

Go short and cute with the classic denim look that will be perfect coming into Spring/Summer such as the ASOS Short Denim Dungaree or the Bardot Mini Overalls. If you want to class it up and attempt to dazzle in your dungarees for an evening look, try going full length like the Denim Dungarees from Glamorous, or the leather-look pair from Alice in the Eve. And if you want a bit more street cred, try mixing up your fabric and colours, River Island have a variety of colour options and streetwear brands like UNIF and Urban Renewal deliver overalls with the 90s grunge attitude. 

Still not convinced? Take a look through the possibilities below, like Prince Charming on his search for Cinderella, perhaps there's just one that fits... 


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