Baby Brain

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Baby Brain

We've all heard of the fabled 'baby brain' whereby pregnant chicks are as forgetful as... the opposite of an elephant. I like to think that I have been pretty devoid of baby brain symptoms to date, though I have been warned that it tends to worsen the farther through pregnancy you get.

So, having just hit half way, perhaps I am in for some baby brain experiences when I hit the third trimester. And actually, come to think of it, there might be one or two examples I can think of after all..

Baby Brain takes on many forms, the most common symptoms being cited as becoming increasingly forgetful, oversensitive, and less able to focus on logical tasks. In the theoretical and scientific stuff, there is actually a compounding reasoning behind why women suffer this ill-coined condition, and it's all to do with the brain - funnily enough. I won't go into the bore-me-to-death detail, but apparently pregnant women utilise the right side of their brain more during pregnancy, and thus are more prone to cognitive emotional impacts. Then again, with hormones fluctuating as much as Kirstie Alley's weight, the stress of becoming a parent, and the demand on your body from the growing parasite within (Parasite = hubby's expression, not mine), one hardly needs a scientific cerebro analysis to determine there are likely to be some effects.

So in it's simplest terms, what is baby brain? Forgetfulness seems to be the common definition - to the extent that it is even nicknamed Momnesia. My experience to date? Baby brain is forgetting whether or not you went to the toilet 2 - 3 mins prior, and with no evidence to suggest either way, you're left unable for the life of you to figure it out. Baby brain is staring at your 'To do' list for 15 minutes, positive there was something you were going to add, but having no idea what it was. And finally... I'd like to also suggest baby brain is cooking a roast chicken for dinner and going to serve it up only to realise you have cooked it upside down. Maybe that last one I can't really blame on the baby...


20 Weeks, 1 Day:


Fantastic! Second trimester is awesome.


Been feeling very normal, so back to loving all the things I loved pre-pregnancy, hurrah! And pretty sure anything I have 'craved' is unlikely to be attributed to baby...

Hot Cross Buns: Perhaps it's just easter... and I'm not one to pass up any festive season, but I bought a pack of these the other day. 

Crumpets: Hilarious right? I haven't had these in years... they were exactly as I remembered - totally awesome. 

Cronut: Yet to satisfy this one. Admittedly I have never actually had one before, despite my love/addiction to donuts, but as I'm not a big crossaint/pastry fan, I have been hesitant. Nonetheless, I was convinced on the weekend that this was one craving I desparately should satisfy but after driving to a supermarket in town to get one and discovering they didn't have any, it didn't seem worthwhile to go to another supermarket across town. 


Another couple weeks of wonderful workouts. x5 days of cardio a week, and x4-5 days of weights too :)

Weight Gain:                            Haven't done another check since last time, so still sitting on (at least) 6kgs (That's 13 pounds for you non-metric folk).

Week by Week: 

Weeks 19 - 20, apologies there's one in there without make up on!

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