Exercising your Right

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Exercising your Right

It's an interesting thing being pregnant. Not just for all of the drastic changes your body is going through, or conceptually trying to get your mind around the thought of actually growing a baby (still haven't quite grasped that one yet!). But moreso, because everyone has an opinion.

I'm not talking about the barrels of, what has been described to me as, unsolicited parenting advice - don't worry, I'll write on that soon - but even non-parents have plenty of unspoken (and spoken!) judgements.

One of the biggies that I have noticed through various parenting forums, or just news articles that touch on the subject, is pregnancy and exercise. What sparked me to write this particular post was a couple of things. The first was a video I saw on FB, of a woman in her final trimester, showing the exercise she's still doing and talking about why she's doing it. I tried to find this video to share with you all as I found it a really great explanation for all those naysayers out there, but couldn't seem to find it, d'oh! Anyway, the strength of the message was about highlighting how much of a physical experience labour and giving birth is for any woman to undertake, so why would you not want to try to hone in on those muscles that will be doing the hard yards, and prepare yourself and your body as best you can.

The second thing that motivated this post was the response to a recent instagram picture from model Sarah Stage (view the article and pic here). Now don't get me wrong, I'm not endorsing exercising as a means of trying to maintain your body shape while pregnant, but who are we to determine if this is a case of that extreme, or just a woman who has a smaller bump than others - it happens you know... Everyone gains different amounts when pregnant, but as long as you're gaining a healthy amount of weight, eating healthy and nutritious meals, and looking after your body and baby, then no one should judge you for how much weight you do or don't gain.

Which got me thinking on a few other bits that woman are judged on, like breastfeeding, feeding on demand, 'crying it out', etc. etc. The list is endless. And as if in response to all these thoughts going through my head about how people need to stop judging others based on the decisions they make while pregnant or parenting, this video popped up in my FB newsfeed. Just about sums it up really...


Still feeling good, loving second trimester.


Maybe it's because I am "back to normal" but my sweet tooth has totally made a reappearance. 

Pick 'n' Mix: You know when you go to the dairy/corner shop and they have all those little plastic containers filled with 10c candy. Well my mind has been occupied thinking about a big bag of pick 'n' mix... yet to satisfy this one. 


Workouts are still going great. x5 days of cardio a week, and x4-5 days of weights too :) Am wanting to introduce some yoga but still haven't got around to it... maybe next week. 

Weight Gain:                            Haven't done another check since last time, so still sitting on (at least) 6kgs (That's 13 pounds for you non-metric folk).

Week by Week: 

Weeks 21 - 24, it's definitely getting bigger!

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