Fashionably Late

on Tuesday, 25 August 2015. Posted in Pooky, Story of my Life

I might be putting early pressure on our baby girl to be a wee fashionista, given I am calling her 'late' arrival at 41 weeks intentionally fashionably late, but late or not, she arrived safely just after midnight on the 11th of August and in the words of Metallica... nothing else matters. 

So now that bubs is on the scene, I sense my life and subsequent posts may change somewhat! But first let me introduce you...

Indiana (Indy) Blake Clayton made her debut after what I guess is a reasonably short labour - at least the most 'serious' parts of it. I started having 'contractions' on the Sunday, though they weren't really contractions, as they were still in that stage of "are these or are these not anything?", when I had read so much about how "you will know when you are experiencing contractions". Mine started as those Braxton Hicks type feelings; a tightening across the tummy which I had been experiencing more frequently in the week leading up to this, however Sunday they were also coupled with a very dull ache. It wasn't enough to be painful at this point. 

By Sunday night, they had become somewhat 'regular', so my Mum and I started timing them and they were ranging between 10-12 mins. Again, these weren't strong enough to say I was in pain at this point, more just a wee bit sore. I went to bed that night and got up at around 1am to find they had increased to around 7-8 mins and were becoming more painful. Fairly confident I was in labour now, I rung delivery suite just to check in on what the next steps were, and they said to ring and then likely come to the hospital when contractions were 3-4 mins apart. I managed to go back to bed and sleep for a couple hours and then throughout the following morning/early arvo, things started to get more intense. Contractions became more frequent, and definitely more painful! By mid afternoon I was leaning on the swiss ball and doing my breathing exercises during each contraction. 

Late afternoon they had dropped down to 4-5 mins, and I was a little worried about traffic so we made the call we would head to the hospital even though we were likely a bit early. We arrived at the hospital at 5pm, and I was hooked up to a machine to do an assessment of contractions and baby's heartbeat for a 15 min period. My contractions had spaced out a bit more and were coming around the 5-7 minute mark, which made me suddenly nervous we would be sent home! Luckily my obstetrician who was to do my assessment didn't make an appearance for an hour, by which stage I was far enough along to stay. 

After a quick walk up and down the stairs, it was around 7pm and from here on in, things started to ramp up. I jumped in the birth pool (best decision ever!) and stayed in the pool up until I was ready to push - I won't go into any further gory detail just here! Indy was born at 12:07am. It was the most amazing, terrifying, surreal, overwhemling experience of my life, and I am admittedly completely smitten. 

Plenty more to come, but for the meantime we are taking each day one by one and loving getting to know each other. Here's a few snaps, courtesy of Hanna Ellen Photography. 



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