Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

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Maternity Capsule Wardrobe

There is no doubt about it, the body goes through some pretty drastic changes while one is pregnant... most of which I'm foregoing thinking about for the time being. However, the waistline of my jeans didn't let me ignore some of those physical impacts relatively early on in my pregnancy.

Despite the frustration of no longer being able to wear 80% of my clothes, I couldn't help but get a little excited at the thought of forming up my Maternity Capsule Wardrobe! 

I came across this notion on Pinterest (oh how wonderful that website is!), and having read a few bits and pieces, I completely agreed with the logic of trying to purchase items that you can wear post-pregnancy (despite the fact I have been told most clothes you want to never see again regardless of whether they're maternity or not), rather than buying items that were specifically 'maternity'. And this certainly worked to an extent... but there are some things that the maternity label were always going to do better. Like what you ask? Two words... maternity jeans! The best thing ever. I'm not going to lie, I have no doubt that these will be sticking round in my wardrobe for a portion of time post-delivery. I had mixed advice on whether to go over or under the bump, but for me having tried and fell in love with a fabulous pair from Topshop (so much so I bought two more in different colours), I can say I am definitely an 'under the bump' kinda girl.

The other thing I tried to do while forming up my capsule, is to pick a range of pieces that were relatively interchangeable. That is, I could mix up outfits and for the most part, each piece went with a number of others in the capsule. 

And then there is probably my number one piece of advice when forming your maternity capsule wardrobe... shop online. Honestly, it's so much cheaper, the range and variety is wider, and you can find an outfit to suit pretty much any occasion. So without futher adieu... I present my maternity capsule wardobe.

NOTE: It doesn't include all the maternity stuff I"ve bought, but the pieces that I think were my smartest and best buys. Also... It's a work in progress and with 3 months to go, there might be a few more pieces I add ;)  









Still feeling good, loving second trimester.


One really, really random craving over the past two weeks... Peach Cobbler. So, I thought it appropriate that I share my own recipe for this scrumptious pud! 


Workouts are still going great. x5 days of cardio a week, and x4-5 days of weights still.

Weight Gain:                            Haven't done another check since last time, so still sitting on (at least) 6kgs (That's 13 pounds for you non-metric folk).


Week by Week: 

Weeks 25 - 26!

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