My Magic of Christmas

on Friday, 08 January 2016. Posted in Pooky, Story of my Life

My Magic of Christmas


What a busy two months! Christmas has been and gone (only 11 months until next Christmas!), summer feels like it has arrived, holidays from work for most are wrapping up and my baby girl has turned 5 months old!

We had a vacation to visit the grandparents, and during that time, she got to experience the Magic of Christmas. Or at least My Magic of Christmas. 


And speaking of Christmas, we best go back there to retell what I have been up to since my last post. I am going to be unashamedly unapologetic for my lack of dialogue over the festive period. I won't make excuses, I won't be in denial, I simply got too busy in my offline life to post about it online. In a way, I am somewhat relieved that I can still interact, and quite simply engage in enough activity in the 'real world', to keep me so occupied that I barely noticed being relatively off the grid. Just to be clear though, I didn't switch off altogether - it was more of an organic progression of replacing times I would normally play on my phone and check facebook, with having real conversations with people in the flesh. I like to think of it as 'the good ol' days'. 

To put it simply, I had a wonderful festive holiday. And perhaps what made this one that little bit special this year, was that it was my bub's first Christmas! Yeah, yeah, yeah... I get it. Babies don't know what's going on. They don't understand the tree, the decorations, the jolly fat man in the big red suit. They don't care about the presents and for mine at least, she was still too little to even indulge in the Christmas dinners and treats that contribute to that typical festive five kg's. But even so... there's something just a tad magical about your child's first Christmas.

For me, it's beginning to instil the 'magic of Christmas'. I don't mean seeing their face when they unwrap that Amazon top 10 toy. I'm talking about that twinkle in their eyes when you first put up the Christmas tree and hang the sparkly tinsel and shiney baubles. I'm talking about being whisked up into the air to help put the star right on the top. I'm talking about the fun and bouncy carols that play in every store in town, that get stuck in your head - but certainily make for good bedtime lullabies!  I'm talking about the silly Christmas jerseys, the santa hats, and the lame Christmas cracker jokes that illicit both gleeful chuckles and disdainful groans. I'm talking about that excitement and anticipation on Christmas eve, when you lie in bed with your eyes squeezed tight, wishing the night away. I'm talking about Christmas morning when you leap out of bed in your PJ's to see if Santa ate all your cookies. I'm talking about the smorgasbord of meats, veges, and salads that make up your Christmas feast, and the always indulgent offering of desserts that follow. I'm talking about sitting around with family and friends feeling oh-so-full but oh-so-happy. And I'm talking about being tucked up in bed that night, with just the slightest hint of sadness that it's the longest possible time until it happens all over again! 

That's My Magic of Christmas. And hopefully... that will be my daughter's too.

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