Nursery Times

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Nursery Times

 Well, I would like to say that during my impatient moments of third trimester I have had plenty to keep me occupied; shopping for bubs, compiling a maternity wardrobe, and perhaps the most exciting... setting up the nursery. However, and it shouldn't really be a surprise given my day job of a Project Manager, I am actually fairly well organised, having finished my shopping a couple months ago, and even having finished the nursery too.

It has ineveitably left me a lot less to occupy my antsy weekend afternoons, so instead I thought it time I share some nursery pics!

Just to be clear, it's no Vogue nursery, but it's cozy, and bright, and fun, and colourful, and most importantly, it's what we want :) Having found out we're having a girl fairly early on, I had to completely rethink the nursery theme, given I had planned almost every detail of a little boy's nursery. We (and I do mean we!) decided on Winnie the Pooh. For me, I grew up with Winnie the Pooh and still adore everything about it. We also made the call that we wouldn't go painting the walls, so to add some much needed colour without the application of paint, I found a super cute wall sticker on Ebay - seriously, if you're after a wall sticker for a kids room, make sure you go here first, soooo cheap! Other good buys from Ebay were a couple cot panels which my lovely mother then transferred into proper quilts for me - you can see the Eeyore one on the cot. Not to be outdone in the DIY department and trying to prevent a whitewash of furniture, I purchased some cheap white wooden drawers and painted the drawers, same with the little table/cupboard with Hullabaloo greeny blue! I also got busy on the sewing machine making a couple of large toy bags, and recovering my nursing chair in the corner. And finally there is a purpose to holding onto all of my childhood soft toys!

Check out my pics below and let me know what you think!


 32 weeks 5 days:


Still a bit impatient... 


Apple Crumble: Satisfied Saturday night ;)


Almost surprised at myself that I'm still feeing energised enough to workout as much as I am: x3-4 days of cardio a week, and x2 days of weights. Coupled with third trimester pilates and dog walking (on days when I skip a cardio session). 

Weight Gain:                            Still sitting around 15kg (33 lbs).

Week by Week: 

Weeks 31 - 32. Getting closer!! :)

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