Picture Perfect

on Saturday, 27 June 2015. Posted in Pooky, Story of my Life

Picture Perfect

It is getting closer and closer, and as such, I am starting to knock off those items in my to-do list that have been deliberately left to the home stretch. One such item... Maternity Pics!

I got inspired very early on in the journey with some beautiful pregnancy photography shots on Pinterest and have since been planning my own. With some beautiful weather and my man behind the camera, we captured my perfect maternity shots. I hope you enjoy!

Having almost reached 8 months, I realised for almost the entire time I've been pregnant, I've barely got any photos of my bump - asides from my weekly selfie bump photos! So I felt it was important to have something to remember our first pregnancy by. Admittedly I couldn't bring myself to spend the high costs required for a professional shoot, so with my hubby equipped with our DSLR, we popped down the road from where we live to capture exactly what I had envisaged!

If you're interested at all in the fashion side of things... 

Dress: Somedays Lovin' - Runaway Lace Dress
Boots: Jessica Simpson - Ellister
Hat: Glassons



 34 weeks 4 days:


Really, really good. And maybe a little teeny, weeny bit impatient... 


American-style thick pancakes: Satisfied last Sunday morning ;)


Feeling really good, and I'm sure exercise is a big part of that: x3-4 days of cardio a week. Coupled with x1-3 days of third trimester pilates and dog walking (on days when I skip a cardio session). 

Weight Gain:                            Still sitting around 15kg (33 lbs).

Week by Week: 

Weeks 33 - 34. Getting closer!! :)

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