Small Wins

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Small Wins

Wow... I can't believe how close I am now! As of today, I am officially considered at term i.e. if bubs was born tomorrow, she wouldn't be a prem baby despite being 37 weeks. Anyway, to try and stop myself obsessing over when I am going to go into labour, recently I have been focussing on a positive exercise, that can be applied even when in the throes of pregnancy. 

I call it... Small wins. And as the name suggests, it's all about celebrating the little things in life! Don't worry, examples to come!

The Cat Call/Whistle

So this one actually happened around the 7 month mark, but I couldn't exclude it from my small wins list, as there is something pretty satisfying about getting whistled at when you're 7 months pregnant! Admittedly it was a cold day, so I was wearing a coat and scarf which might have concealed the bump a little bit, but even so... 7 months! When you've been visually observing your body drastically changing since you first peed on that stick, it is definitely a small win when a random group of guys gives you a whistle or cat call... even when they do look a little dodgy. 

Toenail Painting

I'm one of those people who still has a bit of a rosey sheen to how labour is going to go - what can I say, I'm an optimist! And combined with my need to be well organised, I'm currently in the mode of not only preparing the home, but preparing myself for the impending delivery of our baby girl. That is... doing all of those beauty tasks that I know I'm not going to get time for once our newborn arrives on the scene. One such thing was redoing the nailpolish on my tootsies. Now given I'm not as big as other ladies I've met through antenatal and the likes, I can say with confidence that at the 8 month mark, toenail painting is a challenge for us all! So when I managed to pink up my toes a day or two ago, I celebrated this small win!

Lung Capacity

They say that you get your lung capacity returning a bit, once baby drops down preparing for delivery. I've definitely noticed an increased ability to breathe lately - don't get me wrong, I'm not going to be going for a jog anytime soon, but feeling like you can actually breathe a proper deep breath is certainly a small win. And this is despite the adverse affect of needing to pee (even more!).

Needing to Pee

I know what you're thinking... how can needing to pee be a small win? Well small wins are about looking for the positive in every situation, so here we go. Now that pooky has dropped a bit, I definitely need to go more, in particular I've been up 4-5 times during the night! Where's the light at the end of the tunnel? Well this small win is about still having something to pass! I guess seeing I'm drinking so much water, it's helping reduce those number of times you go to the bathroom and nothing comes out! TMI? Probably a little bit, but a small win nonetheless ;)  

 37 weeks 0 days:


Still feeling good - almost surprisingly so as I thought I would feel more physically uncomfortable by now. Though I am starting to have moments of exhaustion, where I do something for an hour, then come home and need to sit down!


None! Just in the process of stocking the freezer for post-delivery!


Still managing to exercise and it is going great!: x3-4 days of cardio a week. Coupled with x1-3 days of third trimester pilates and dog walking (on days when I skip a cardio session). 

Weight Gain:                            Up to 16kg (35 lbs).

Week by Week: 

Weeks 35 - 37. So close!! :)

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