So Near and Yet So Far

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So Near and Yet So Far

If pregnancy starts off slow whereby each day you are desperate to see a new change in your body, then the end of pregnancy is like the turtle's part of the race. We all know slow and steady is the right approach, but I don't know too many who haven't started to feel a bit of impatience at this point... and I'm not even overdue yet! 

That's right, still another two days to go until the EDD, so how am I coping with what seems so near and yet so far.

Freezer Meals

When I finished work about three weeks ago, I had a list of things I wanted to do pre-bubs making her appearance into the big wide world, and to some extent, I was actually quite keen to execute my list before her arrival. It was something I felt quite conflicted about - wanting so badly to meet her, but wanting to have a couple last minute preparations complete (needn't I worry!). One such agenda item was stocking the freezer with meals for those anticipated nights when cooking is the last thing I feel like doing. So week one off work I cooked up a storm and our freezer is now chocka-block full of meals just waiting for the microwave.  


They say as you approach your due date and baby's arrival, the urge to next will well and truly set in. I definitely have experienced this (and probably still am), as all those things you have been meaning to do around the home suddenly become more apparent and there's an overwelming need to knock these off the to-do list. I'm not just talking cleaning - although that's certainly a good starting point - I've done a lot of reorganising and tidying up storage spaces, printing and hanging photos around the house, and undertaking a long over-due clean-out and tidy up of my wardrobe. 


So freezer meals logically sound a lot more of a priority than having some sort of homemade sweet snack on hand for when those sugar cravings hit, and from a nutritional perspective the former certainly is vastly more important, but from a mental perspective, craving a cookie with no gratification available is just not a risk I'm prepared to take. Not to mention I am still pregnant, and as such I feel it is still appropriate to be consuming chocolate, candy and baked goods on a daily basis in order to maintain my sanity of waiting for this baby to be born!


Aligning with the cleaning thing, there are certain activities that I know will be bumped down the priority list once baby comes along, so I have undertaken a few pre-birth to get them 'out of the way' for a while. Namely, the haircut. I generally go in every 9 weeks, so at 37 weeks I went and had a hair appt. so I can safely extend out my next appt until a wee while after baby is born. Now grooming doesn't just end with me either. I also got Cookie a wee tidy up, getting her a thorough brush all over (and a wee chop in places too) so she's reasonably knot-free and the need to brush out any big matted chunks isn't weighing on my mind!

So now that I have all of my main to-do list finished and still haven't given birth (I know, I know... I'm not even overdue!), I now get to move onto less trivial tasks to occupy my time and mind over the next week or two. It may just be craft time! 

 39 weeks 5 days:


Still feeling physically good, though my sleep has become quite restless, often resulting in a mid-arvo nap. Probably a vicious cycle of the nap meaning my nighttime sleep isn't very good, but then needing the nap during the day. 


Cookie time cookie. Still haven't had one... 


Still managing to exercise and it is going great!: x3 days of cardio a week. Coupled with x2 days of third trimester pilates and short walks with the dog on days where the weather is alright. 

Weight Gain:                            Haven't had a weigh in for the last couple weeks. Last time I was up to 16kg (35 lbs).

Week by Week: 

Weeks 38 - 39. Almost there! :) 

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