So Your Life is Over

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So Your Life is Over

While I was complaining the other day about having to go somewhere and socialise when I was really looking forward to slumming it on the couch in some sweats, I was given the advice that I should take these opportunities whilst I still can.

Because once baby comes along... well it becomes a hell of a lot harder to just pop out for coffee or go to a late night movie. So before "my life is over", I'm trying my best to get out and about!

I've been to the movies multiplel times including a late night session, I've been to lunches with friends, corporate events after work, I've been to Sunday bbq's, Saturday dinners, and I've even been to the odd party, including one in a different city - yes I am welcomed as the sober driver! 

And in terms of agenda... the next few months don't look any quieter. But hey, you have to embrace these invitations, or at least so I'm told... And everytime my mind drifts to the couch and putting on my VS sweat pants, I think to myself, make the most of it! 



18 Weeks, 5 Days:

Feeling: Still feeling really good! A little bit tired in the evenings, but maybe that's from my jam-packed social schedule ;) 

Pretty limited on the cravings this week... 

Cold Drinks: Really loving iced tea. 


Workouts are still going great. Checked with my midwife and she said that as long as my heartrate is lower than 150bpm then it's great to keep it up!

Weight Gain:                            Okay... I finally weighed in. Here I was thinking I have gained barely anything, particularly as I have only just started to show, and the scales inform me I have infact gained... 6kgs!! (That's 13 pounds for you non-metric folk)

Week by Week: 

Weeks 17 - 1, I think they call this the pop!

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