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Amy Schumer might have brought this hashtag into the limelight recently, and incidentally I have found myself encountering so many moments where it is applicable. I don't know if it's a post-partum thing or my general disposition which prompts me to provide unwarranted apologies all over the show. 

Maybe it's time we stop worrying about what other people think so much and say #SorryNotSorry. 

You might be one of the ones that apologises where appropriate, but if you're anything like me then you pop the S word out more than your P's and Q's. In fact, I'm actually scared to add up how many times I utter this one little word a day! And as I've become more congnisant of the high usage rate of this particular adjective, I have also realised how many times I am apologising unjustly. I was going into a cafe the other day to buy a coffee while waiting for an appointment, and I had the buggy with me so was trying to navigate through the cafe doors, and in the midst of my struggle a cafe employee came over to help me and opened the doors. Of course, in this moment I started apologising, and I thought to myself... what am I apologising for! The inconvenience of you having to open a door for me so I can be a patron in your cafe? Ridiculous! 

And it doesn't stop there. It seems any time I am out with bubs I feel compelled to apologise any time someone has to move a little further over on the sidewalk, hold a door, or go around me in the supermarket aisle. Which got me thinking. Does having a baby make you more of a public inconvenience? And this made me realise what a ludicrous concept this all is, yet I am sure I'm not alone. And it doesn't end with mum stuff. I'm just as likely to say sorry to someone when I'm out and about flying solo. Or even when someone comes to my own front door and my dog comes out to greet them.

So maybe it is just my disposition. I think I've associated the word with being polite, but since when do good manners incorporate apologising for someone having to wait as you exit through a single file door first. And as I write this, I think my conclusion is really about substitution. Sure let's stop and adopt #SorryNotSorry, but let's also pause to determine when that word is appropriate. I know in my mum scenarios, the best option is probably just thank you!

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