Just Desserts - What's Your Flavour?

on Monday, 20 January 2014. Posted in Sugar and Spice

Just Desserts - What's Your Flavour?

Sex and the City might have made the subject acceptable cocktail conversation and proliferated our screens with steamy sex scenes and enough nudity to make Hugh Hefner blush, but the furore of Fifty Shades of Grey has delivered us a new flavour of bedroom antics. Yep that's right, sex in the 21st century is no longer plain Vanilla if the popular trilogy is anything to go by, with the relationship between the two main characters giving light to, what has previously been viewed as taboo, S&M.

So does plain old Vanilla still have a spot on the shelf or has it been relegated to the bottom of the freezer?

Now surely there must be a catalyst, asides from a few naughty books, that gives reason to why S&M is suddenly flavour of the month. Is it merely because it's something new? Maybe not new conceptually, but new in terms of its acceptability in society. For example, when Apple release a new product, the lines of customers waiting outside their stores are like the queues at Disneyland. Why? It's not because the product is amazing and a phenomenal technological breakthrough every single time. No, it's because of the brand, but more than that, it's because it's new. We all love something new and while S&M isn't a new concept, this is the first time it's been thrust into the spotlight. Perhaps popularity and novelty are handcuffed together in this instance.

Could it also be that the Fifty Shades series has done for the subject of S&M, what Sex and the City did for the subject of sex - made it acceptable? Sure it might not be dinner party conversation, though I am sure that the steamy shenanigans of Christian and Ana have made more than one appearance in these deemed inappropriate situations (I know I'm guilty!), but it's sure made purchasing that table tennis paddle when you don't have a table a lot less questionable. Which brings me to another thought... has S&M always been enticing, but merely entertained closeted popularity? Now that it's seemingly "okay" for things to vary beyond what's "standard" in the bedroom, are we just being more honest about what we like to begin with? Is our new interest merely old interest revealing itself?

Now regardless of the origins of our interest, it all begs the question... what happens to Vanilla? Does it still have a place nestled amongst the exotic flavourings that offer themselves for consumption today? Sure it does! We crave variety, that's why you always get a three scoop, because it's so hard to choose and because we want to try a bit of everything! Vanilla might not be as exciting as Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Goody Goody Gumdrops, but there's something about that smooth creamy Vanilla. It's safe, it's reliable. And as good as Triple Caramel Chunk ice cream is on its own, I wouldn't match up a lot of these outlandish choices. Vanilla on the other hand can be coupled up a treat! It goes good as a neutraliser... a palette cleanser so to speak, and it's also great as a dish on the side. For example vanilla ice cream and sweet apple pie...

So while it may not be the most exciting and daring choice, Vanilla still has a place and at the end of the day, it's all about you and what's your favourite flavour! I myself am a Cookies and Cream, Jam Donut, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough fan... I'll leave you to decide whether I'm talking ice cream, sex or a bit of both ;)



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