Current Crazes and Crystal Gazes - The Post-Apocalypse, Futuristic Sci-Fi

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Current Crazes and Crystal Gazes - The Post-Apocalypse, Futuristic Sci-Fi

Following in a similar theme from the last Current Crazes and Crystal gazes on Vampires and Zombies, this edition is also about what's trending on our screens; The Post-Apocalypse, Futuristic Sci-Fi. Though these genres have been around a long time, it seems more recently they have popped up and multiplied as quickly as a wet Gremlin.

So what is it that's making these genres have a surge in popularity when they have been around for like... ever! And what will be the new flavour of the month when the trends disappear back into oblivion.

Say the word Sci-Fi and normally one envisages a convention centre filled with Trekkies and in- jokes as obscure to the outsider as Lindsay Lohan's modesty. So what's changed? Well one need only look at the audience that is now gracing the theatre on a Friday night to take in a Sci-Fi film, to note the biggest difference compared to the 80's, 90's and even early 00's; diversity. That's right, Sci-Fi might not have lost its 'geek status' completely, but it's certainly become 'cooler' over the past couple years and as a result, we're seeing a much wider audience then the standard slightly chubby guy in a Stormtrooper t-shirt.

A great example is the latest Star Trek franchise, with a completely refreshed and modern approach to a story and world which seemed the epitome of Sci-Fi geek. The fancy special effects surely help but it's the casting of Chris Pine as 'Capt. James T. Kirk' and the balance between comedy and action that they've brought into the story, which really create the appeal and relevancy for new generations. This approach also appears to have been adopted for the upcoming apocalyptic comedy This Is The End, starring a myriad of celebrities including personal favourite, James Franco. And perhaps not channelling the comedy factor, but certainly the cool is Matt Damon's futuristic Sci-Fi flick, Elysium.

And then we have those movies and shows which, like the recent release of The Lone Ranger, just can't seem to stick to one genre, and at the forefront of these cross-overs is the Post-Apocalypse, Futuristic Sci-Fi. These are as prevalent in the cinema as the obnoxious mobile phone user, with more recent examples including Will Smith's latest flop, After Earth, and the Tom Cruise film, Oblivion. And it's not just the silver screen that is catering to the cooler geek, the TV is seeing its fair share of the action with shows like Falling Skies, Revolution and Defiance.

Okay, I know you know what time it is. It's time for us to gaze into that crystal ball and figure out what's coming next! Well this one is a tricky one. At first thought, I predicted they might keep the Sci-Fi and flip the future part around by doing Sci-Fi in the past, but as my man pointed out, this has recently been done with flicks like Cowboys and Aliens, and John Carter. So then I thought, maybe they will continue to try and pair the Sci-Fi genre up with another, like the comedy, post-apocalyptic and futuristic pairings we're seeing at the moment.

Potentials include:

  • Sci-Fi and Pirates
  • Sci-Fi and World War I/II
  • Sci-Fi and Medieval
  • Sci-Fi and Musical

Orrr... if none of those happen, perhaps they'll try to up the cool even more by doing a Sci-Fi surfer/skater movie , or teaming up with fast cars. Cool by association. I think I've just given those Hollywood folk some really good ideas to work with...

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