Femme Fatale - Jennifer Lawrence

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Femme Fatale - Jennifer Lawrence

I've been pretty open about my girl crush on Jennifer Lawrence since I first saw her in The Hunger Games, and perhaps I'm in post-coital glow having been to see American Hustle recently, but when I decided to do a new segment on Femme Fatale, a la celebrating fabulously fierce women in the world, its creation was synonymous with the selection of Jennifer as the first to feature.

Why? Well it could have something to do with her being one of the most down to earth, bona fide Hollywood blockbuster babes around... and all at the ripe old age of 23!

But let's begin with who Jennifer Lawrence is. Born in August 15, 1990 in Louisville, Kentucky, she has two older brothers and after spending time in her local theatre, at the age of 14 she persuaded her parents to move to New York. After a couple of auditions that aroused interest, she managed to convince her parents to allow her to spend summer in New York and landed several commercials and a small movie role. But it was TV that set the ball rolling, playing Lauren Pearson in The Bill Engvall Show for three seasons, and following the show's cancellation, she scored guest-roles in Cold Case, Medium and Monk.

After all the Twilight versus The Hunger Games hype, interestingly enough Jennifer Lawrence actually auditioned for Bella Swan, but lost out to Kristen Stewart. Several smallish movie roles later, she landed what is cited as her "breakthrough" role, starring in Winter's Bone which she was the nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress - at the time she was the second youngest actress to be nominated in the category.

Despite the attention and accolades she had received up until this point, if you're like me then she probably didn't cross your screen until the epic adaptation of the book, The Hunger Games. Playing a female action hero is hard enough, but playing one who's a teenager and still managing to have women of any age think you're kick ass is something pretty special.

Since her eruption into stardom, she's gone on to play some pretty diverse roles including Mystique in the prequel X-Men movie, X-Men: First Class, my personal fave, Silver Linings Playbook, and of course most recently, American Hustle.

To say she's an amazing actress that's definitely going places is a pretty widely held viewpoint, but even more than that is her personality which has burst the Hollywood bubble. Forever smiling, telling jokes, cussing and being refreshingly normal, it's this combination that makes her so likable. Without having succumbed to the Hollywood size zero stereotype, she still glams it up for the red carpet, features in numerous high fashion magazines and is the face of fashion house Dior, but she does it all with such a strong sense of herself. Classic examples are when she fell over on her way up to receive best actress at the Academy Awards (see video below), photo bombing Taylor Swift at the Globes and commenting on how much she loves Photoshop in reference to her previous Dior campaign! In fact, you only have to look her up on youtube to see a whole range of videos all titled 'funny moments'.

Her third campaign with Dior is simply stunning, with minimal make up, and even if there is some photoshopping going on, you can't not appreciate how gorgeous this girl is!

She's funny, fab, fun, fierce and every other good 'f' adjective out there! (And other non-'F' ones too!) And that's why she's our very first Femme Fatale!

Image Source: Dior


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