Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween

The spooky season is almost upon us and as it draws oh so close, I thought it appropriate to do a Halloween post, namely so I could share these adorable Fanged Pumpkins that I happen to see on... *cough cough* The Martha Stewart Show - Hey, I was unemployed at the time, Martha at least provided some slightly educational TV time, albeit a slight domesticity angle.

And as I thought about a Halloween blog, I thought you know what, let's not do the whole 'commercial exploitation' thing, because Halloween is quite simply fun!

So instead of discussing the merits versus the economic evils of the holiday, I would like to simply state my fondness for Halloween, pumpkins and dress-ups.Martha Stewart Fanged Pumpkins

While we here in the southern hemipshere don't really celebrate the spooky spectacle, my Canadian background has given me the exposure and I've grown up trick or treating, even in my NZ neighbourhood where it's so uncommon that many people end up giving you whatever they can dig up from their pantry or fridge. I've had entire cakes of chocolate, money, fruit... you name it, and it's ended up in my candy bag.

I've also advanced in my costume work over the years, from the early days of an adorable (even if I do say so myself) Indian - see the pic below!, to having literally worn a garbage bag one year (I was a "witch"), and then this year where I decided Corpse Bride was brilliantly appropriate (post-wedding and all). And to top it all off, we even threw our first ever Halloween party this year. Admittedly it was a small gathering, as we held it on a holiday weekend where most people were away, but that didn't stop us dancing to spooky songs, guzzling ghastly drinks, and having a ghoulishly good time.

And with all this happy Halloween energy, if you do happen to come a'knockin on our house this Hallows Eve, then you may be surprised to find a house that has a couple jack-o-lanterns outside and a bowl of candy at the waiting! Happy Halloween! :)

Click here to view the Martha Stewart How-to for Fanged Pumpkins!

 Fanged Pumpkin SpewingFanged Pumpkin and Jack-o LanternMe dressed as an Indian

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