Here, There... Everywhere!

on Monday, 08 April 2013. Posted in Writing in Heels

Here, There... Everywhere!

In my quest to become the next big thing and hit the NY times best-sellers list (and by the way, just for clarification I'm not suggesting I top it, I'm happy to just make the top ten, or even just the list in general) I have employed a 'build my profile' strategy.

Thus, in order to strengthen my image, extend my audience and really develop a name for myself which has a little more substance to it then a few good cookie recipes, I have further advanced into the world of social media. So in order for you all to be able to find me in various areas of the big world wide web, I thought it considerate to provide you with an outline of where to find me and also why! Because I am not just trying to blanket the internet with my name, each of my social media mediums has its own distinct purpose... okay, apart from maybe a little overlap between twitter and facebook, but that's normal, right?



This one is my newest out of all my ventures into social media. Now don't get me wrong, I've been on FB for a long time, but I most recently set up a Writing in Heels FB page, and because it is relatively new I encourage you all to come find it and get involved in some chit-chat! I'll be posting regularly here, not just linking through to content up on, but random bits and bobs that I think are worth sharing.





I'm not the most frequent twitterer in the world, but to be fair I think the standards are ludicrously high these days. I post regularly and again, mainly just small things (forceably small due to that darn text limit) that I think are worth sharing.





Doesn't really need explaining does it... I have a couple vid's up at the moment that I created for our wedding, this one is more of a 'stay tuned'.




Good Reads:

For you book lovers and devoted readers out there, as a writer and reader, this one is close to my heart. I try to review most books I read, and I post these up on 'The bookshelf' with the most recent displayed on If you want to talk books, this is the place!





I've been on the Pinterest bandwagon a while now and I love it! Great way to store fashion snaps and I pin all of the clothing that features in my Trend Spotting and fashion articles to my boards. There's a lot of growing collections, so check out the extended edits of particular trends.




Nearly forgot about this one! Follow me for fashion snaps, baking teasers and little glimpses into the world of Writing in Heels. 



That should just about do it for now, it's practically a full time job after all!

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