Self Publishing - Wake Up and Smell The Roses

on Saturday, 08 March 2014. Posted in Writing in Heels

Self Publishing - Wake Up and Smell The Roses

According to my last post, Self Publishing - The Write Way, my expected publication date for my debut novel was cited as March, 2014, and you may have noticed... we're currently in March! So where am I at? Is my book bound for the shelves or still gathering virtual dust on my hard drive.

It's time for an update on my journey to New York Times Best Sellers list... because it's just a matter of time now, surely!

When I last left off, I had set the wheels in motion for self publishing my debut novel; I'd chosen my distribution channels, contacted a website for my cover design, and I even finally got around to buying myself a Kindle so I can check the ebook version too! So what's left?

I contacted the National Library of New Zealand and acquired my very own ISBNs, plural, as I'm using multiple distribution channels and version types (i.e. ebook and print), each requiring their own ISBN. I have established my own publishing company... okay, company is probably a slight exaggeration, but I'll claim it nonetheless. It's called 'Black Rose Publications', and I even have my own logo to go with it!

Next... if you remember correctly from my previous post, I also commented that one of the most important aspects for me is the cover design, and so I was realistic that this would take a bit of time to get right. Surprisingly enough, the number of variations I've gone through has actually been really low! Originally I had mocked up my own version of the cover, which I didn't supply to the guys doing my design to ensure I didn't curb their creativity with my own ideas. Funnily enough, the design they came up with is remarkably similar! Great minds aye ;) 

One thing I did find though was that I was constrained by using stock images, and when you have a very specific character image in mind, it's very hard to find one that matches amongst the thousands of stock image sites around. While the website I engaged with offered custom design work, I decided to reach out via FB and see if any of my friends of friends had a knack with the digital crayon, and lucky for me, I found someone! 

So while I had the one website doing the bulk of my cover design, I had Oli Holmes (check out his stuff at: creating my main character image in parallel. And I think this approach really echos what I mentioned previously - there is no 'right' way! Do what works for you, whether that is multiple people doing all different things, or a one stop shop website that takes away the scary DIY.  

After a few changes and Oli having completed my awesome character, my cover is about 98% complete, and can I just say (though tinged with a little bias), it looks Fabulous with a capital 'F'!

Where does this leave me? I am well and truly on track for my March publication, and it's so close now I can practically smell the roses! Watch this space!

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