The Waiting Game Sucks… Let's Play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

on Sunday, 15 September 2013. Posted in Writing in Heels

The Waiting Game Sucks… Let's Play Hungry Hungry Hippos!

Can you believe we are in September already? Yep, don't think too hard about it as, if you're anything like me, while the thought of the festive season quickly approaching will have you smiling cheerily, these thoughts are quickly shadowed as your mind becomes burdened with questions of "where has the time gone?!" and flashes of best intentions still hanging by the wayside.

What am I getting at in particular? Well, as the optimistic Piscean characteristic continues to dominate my livelihood, I certainly had aspirations that I had planned to have achieved by now. Namely... my book!

Now this isn't a pity me post, nor a defeatist or discouraging tale of despair. No, no no! This is in fact the opposite. For you see, where I last left you I had submitted to several agencies and was waiting to hear back, à la The Waiting Game. What has happened since? I almost feel guilty for holding out on you this long, but you never know if those agencies might actually read this. Anyway... I did actually get a nibble. No I'm not a fully fledged published author just yet, but one of those agencies I chose did get back to me with a response that wasn't the standard generic rejection letter... why, they actually wanted to read my full manuscript!

Amazing, right? Let's just say it was a very happy day in my household, and not because I have been rejected a lot, as I have been pretty selective to date rather than playing the slutty submitter and pitching all over town, but because it was a wonderful sense of validation. Sure I have let my Mum read my book and one of my besties, and they both told me they enjoyed it, but to hear back from someone in the industry, whom having read a few chapters deemed it worthwhile to ask for the whole thing, is a very, VERY amazing feeling.

SO I know you're all just dying to know what happened next? Am I in the process of signing a contract? Am I reviewing book covers? Not quite... alas, I am still playing The Waiting Game, except possibly worse-so as now I am awaiting to hear about my queries AND awaiting to hear about my full manuscript. To be honest though, for the ones I haven't heard back from yet and even the one who I have sent the full manuscript to, given the timelines I have come to a point of believing I don't think I will hear back from them. And this is where the crux of this post really emerges, for this isn't me giving up or being negative. It is instead about accepting the situation and then deciding what I want to do about it. Because one thing is for sure, I'm sick of waiting!

Where to next? This isn't about taking a completely different course of action, this is about understanding the action I want and doing more to get myself there. How do I do this? You know what... I'm not quite sure myself yet, but I'll definitely let you know and in the meantime, let's play Hungry Hungry Hippos!


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