Writing and Sex - The Best of Bedfellows

on Saturday, 09 February 2013. Posted in Writing in Heels, Sugar and Spice

Writing and Sex - The Best of Bedfellows

They say that writing a book is the easy part and once you finish, then you really are struck with the hard part; trying to get it published. I have recently finished writing my first ever novel and have alas now encountered this theory firsthand, except I am not even at the stage of submitting to a publisher, or an agent, as I am lingering (uncomfortably so) on the 'edit process'.

The edit process I have discovered, is much like tidying up after baking; the fun part of getting the cookies in the oven (and tasting as you go, of course!) is finished and there's a pile of dishes looming on the kitchen bench. To be honest, I try to tidy as I go and have done so with my book too, but nonetheless, I know without a doubt it requires not just one, but multiple edits before I will send it off in pursuit of my New York Times best-selling novel list debut!

So while I was thinking about how hard it is to get motivated about editing my book (another means of procrastination), I couldn't help strike up other similarities between what is essentially writers block (in editing form) and sex. Now I'm sure I'm not the first person to make this comparison, but nonetheless I felt it warranted some deeper exploration, and what did I uncover? Well, there are some rules that are really quite applicable to both. I shall elaborate....


Rule #1: Don't leave it too long to get back in the saddle

This makes perfect sense in the world of sex. Why would you leave it too long anyway, but nonetheless I think the key to a good libido is wetting the appetite, so to speak... Compare this to writing, oh it's very much the same. If you write regularly the passion maintains, and it's when you pause for too long that momentum starts to falter. So remember, prevention is better than reaction.

Rule #2: Faking it is not Ok!

I read in Cosmo semi-recently that faking it in the bedroom is a big faux-pas as this merely encourages bad behaviour, and this isn't the kind of 'bad behaviour' in reference to Fifty Shades of Grey. With writing, if you're not feeling it you'll do more harm than good trying to push through and fake enjoyment. Take a break – it is totally ok to not be in the mood and give yourself the day off – just refer back to Rule #1 and be conscious of taking a 'break' and shutting up shop for summer in the Bahama's.

Rule #3: Set the mood

It's not just the guys job to always try and be romantic, in fact, I have no doubt that guys appreciate a little romance snuck into the bedroom and aren't always just after a quick shag in time for them to resume their seat on the couch for the next footy game. Writing needs a bit of romance and foreplay too. How do you work best? If having an episode of Sex and the City on in the background is cause of more than a little distraction, then you need to get yourself in the zone! Create your environment and set the mood that's going to get you typing at that keyboard like Carrie Bradshaw herself.

That's all I've got for the moment... but there's bound to be more. Sex, writing, they are practically in bed with each other. Which begs the question... who comes next? Well, the answer to this cryptic question (for me at least) is The Agent!


Will keep you posted.


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