Circus Circus (13)

This Trend Spotting, Circus Circus, is my prediction as the next big thing. It hasn't really been styled in a complete look in stores yet, but there are tonnes of individual pieces around to help you compile your own take on it. Think velvet fabric, bowler hats, statement blazers, playsuits and frilly blouses, all ranging in a fabulous colour palette of maroons; black and white stripes; harlequin print; rich purple lavender; and, red and black with gold trimming. Circus Circus is coming, and it's a look you can have a lot of fun with! Get inspired with some of my top picks, styled by yours truly!
Circus Circus

Pop Tart (16)

Pop Art is totally trending... what do I think, no, no no! Ladies, this trend needs a wee bit more edge then what's currently out there... I dub thee - Pop Tart. It's not just about having a flash, bang on your top! This trend has so much more potential. Allow me to introduce you to this take on the Pop Art theme, but giving it a bit more fun, funk, and most importantly, style! Lovin' Pop Tart!
Pop Tart

Space Age (16)

Space Age is hitting and it's a style that has a lot more looks and variations than you think.
Space Age

Sugar and Spice (15)

Sugar and Spice and all things nice... well not quite, this one has just a dash of naughty thrown in too. This Trend Spotting is about sweet-as-pie with a hint of minx, a balance between pretty and girly but just enough spice to keep it fashionably chic at the same time. Channeling past style queens, this look combines the elegance and style of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie O, with a modern twist.
Sugar and Spice

Varsity Vintage (11)

Okay... so this trend is well and truly spotted by the retailers, but it's still emerging out on the streets, so before you go nuts and buy that $200 bomber jacket you've been eyeing up, I recommend taking a look at my style edit of my take on the Varsity trend - Varsity Vintage. This one is all about combining that back to college, school girl, american sports look, with a little bit of vintage. No, I'm not meaning any old thing you can find in the back of the wardrobe. Varsity Vintage gets its edge from the wardrobe of the 90's!
Varsity Vintage