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Gwen Stefani - GX Campaign Banner

If there's one thing for sure, it's that there can never be too many shoe brands producing fabulous shoes, and so to hear there was a new shoe line from the fashionista that brought us L.A.M.B. was like music to my ears!

Yep, Ms Stefani is at it again, delivering another range of fierce and fabulous footwear that will have you fantasising of sweet shoe dreams for nights to come! Introducing gx by Gwen Stefani...

Available exclusively through, gx by Gwen Stefani is Gwen's latest accessories collection featuring a range of shoes and handbags at very reasonable prices.  Gwen describes the range as "fun, stylish and has some attitude. The idea behind gx is to design high quality and amazing product that I can't wait to wear but at the same time is really well priced." New styles will be launched on a monthly basis and the debut collection reflects the personality of its creator with bright colours, bold design details, creative textures and all embodied in a structured silhouette. 

Take a look below at just some of what you can expect from gx, my personal faves include the Misaki and the Hatsumi


Image Source: gx by Gwen Stefani at



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