ShoNews - SJP - Bridal Collection


It wasn't that long ago that Sarah Jessica Parker made her first foray into fashion with none other than a shoe collection, so it should come as no surprise that the fashionista is continuing to expand her presence with news of an SJP Bridal collection!

SJP announced that the collection will be released for spring 2015, so any upcoming bride can get their 'Carrie' on, quite literally!

For any bride-to-be, you will completely understand the importance of the wedding shoe. I myself, actually ended up purchasing two pairs – yes really, this should come as no surprise if you've pretty much read any article on my website, or even just noticed the url... ahem – but to be fair there was practical reasoning behind it. I found my dream wedding shoes, while actually my second dream wedding shoes as the first pair I found were about $4,000... A little over the allocated budget, and after ordering them through one website, I was distraught when I was told that they were actually sold out. I spent hours scouring the web looking for any site that might have them in stock, but alas it seemed hopeless. And then, in the deep dark depths of the world wide web, I finally found my shoe salvation. I ordered them immediately but our wedding was quickly approaching so as a backup I bought a second pair that had a much shorter lead time. As you have probably figured out, both pairs ended up arriving on time so I did what any fellow shoe lover would do... I wore both pairs.

That's probably enough back story to explain the affection I have for bridal shoes and why I welcome even more choices into the world of wedding heels! So onto SJP's collection... Drawing further inspiration from her range of evening shoes, the debut bridal collection will feature heels in white, ivory and blue – very wedding appropriate. No pics have been released as of yet, but one can expect a similar simple, elegance that is resonated through her previous lines.