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It's a double dose of SJP this week as we take a look at her new collection - 25 italian-made shoes that exude feminine elegance, exactly as you would expect from the fashion queen. 

Channeling the simplicity that was reflected in her debut collection, new colours and styles are introduced including lace-up booties, t-strap pumps and ballet flats, all very dainty and girly, coupled with a gorgeously romantic campaign.

In a statment about the collection, SJP said "I want this collection to be seen as a whole, and not just as singular pieces. Every single detail has been carefully considered, examined, and crafted by George and I." Parker's involvement in the process extends beyond developing designs, talking exclusively to InStyle, Parker explained "I'm involved every step of the way, I want customers to be delighted with how the shoe is presented, how much care we've taken, the unique color combinations and even the shape of the heel. Ultimately, I'm striving to produce a shoe they haven't yet seen on the market."

And while she may have angered residents of Perry St, NYC - made famous by SJP's alter-ego Carrie Bradshaw - the photos posted on the star's instagram account are certainly enticing and echoing the enchanting ethereal nature of the shoes themselves. 

Check out the full collection on the Nordstrom website!

SJP New Shoe Collection Instagram

 Image Source: Nordstrom and SJP Instagram


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