ShoNews - Vans x Hello Kitty Collection

I might have jumped on the Hello Kitty bandwagon a little late in life, but I'm not ashamed to say I share a love of the adorable brand with the contingent of 8 year olds that dominate the Hello Kitty fan base. And in a weirdly opposite coincidence, Vans were one of my teenage faves. 

So to hear the two had paired up for a sneaker collaboration was truly appealing to my inner (and older) child. 

Vans x Hello Kitty - Campaign Image02Vans x Hello Kitty - Campaign Image03

At first, I thought they would be still pretty childish, but I should've known better with Vans involved. The styles are actually very wearable; fun and cute, but with a bit of that skater punk Vans are known for. I am totally digging the Authentic Leopard. 

And if you hadn't said 'Awww' enough, then check out the toddlers range! Simply adorbs. 



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